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Golden Girls TV
New channel Golden Girls TV started at 9:30pm on Friday. It's a 40 plus channel and it's on Sky channel 927.
It looks like the channel which closed down 2 weeks before but rebranded with this new name.
A day show is coming apparently. It makes sense since they have the broadcast hours already.
Starting from Tuesday 4 March the channel number for Golden Girls TV will change from Sky 927 to Sky 940.
The long awaited day show is here then. I'm a bit surprised it took so long, but even now it's limited hours, broadcasting from 5:30 until 1:00.
The day show didn't last very long I think.
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seems to be being pimped from the bluebird tv twitter even though that bag of wank died an already overdue death back in 2011/2012... = thumbs down for life.

golden turds.

looks that way if twitter for bbtv is being crossed with the s66 'golden girls' means a ban on caps for s66 I'm afraid. bbtv did after all create such customer hatred and mistrust and were accused of all manner of things to the point that not only did the channel and it's own forum shut down but when they moved over to loaded tv and created a forum of that there was not single registration or post from 'non staff' members before it sheepishly vanished amongst the liquidation of loaded publishing.

Yes the Golden Girls day show was shortlived, but the night show seems to have gone from strength to strength. Even Charmaine Sinclair is on there now.
The Golden Girls channel has been renamed Studio 66 Cougars.