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Red Light Central
Red Light will become a web only channel from next Wednesday, but I hope they can manage to find some new EPG slots on Sky and get back on TV as soon as possible.
Yes Tuesday is the last day on Sky for Red Light and they start their web only broadcasts at 10:00 on Wednesday morning.
We're now into the third month of the web only broadcasts and there doesn't appear to be much sign of a comeback on the horizon.
They don't seem to be in a hurry to return. Red Light could have bought the EPG slot that Sin TV had.
Perhaps they feel that the slot was just too low on the EPG and they want something higher up the list. As far as I know the Sin TV slot remains unsold.
There still doesn't appear to be much sign of a TV comeback on the horizon. Slots are available if Red Light want them, Sky channel 945 for example could be obtained from Babestation I'm sure, as they aren't making much use of it.
Yes I'm sure the Sky 945 slot could be obtained if Red Light wanted it. Whether they would be happy to be at the bottom of the EPG is another matter.
They could also have bought Storm, Sky channel 939. I'm finding it hard to believe in Red Light's return to Sky.
Maybe Red Light will consider other ideas (online projects), as their return to Sky looks to have stalled badly.